The Monday Hangover No. 2

Posted: January 6th, 2009

#2 – Are You Scared Yet?

While I’m really not at all surprised, I am quite fascinated how the universal topic of conversation is now… wait, can you guess it? Yep, the E-C-O-N-O-M-Y. I mean, it doesn’t just come up while chatting with your mates. It comes up in EVERY conversation including your parents, neighbors, clerks and any other human with a pulse. We as humans have to interact and there’s nothing like common ground to do so. I don’t think we realize what we’re doing in the process keeping the economy as the central theme though.

How many times a day do you worry about your job now?

How often do you just worry, worry, worry now?

We seem to all look down on this as a major crisis happening in our lives. I won’t sit here and tell you hasn’t been for many. It’s likely you may be facing a layoff if it hasn’t happened to you yet. Of course, there are those who lost a whole lot more than their jobs. Give thanks if the only thing you face is no job in the future.

We all face a threat of no work and no income but if you don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel and act accordingly, you just might become a casualty of the economy. What is that light? The simple belief that we will get out of this and things will be better in the end.

I can hear the “WHAT???” going off in your head right now.

Think about it. This isn’t the first time the U.S. has had a major recession. Maybe you can remember the dot-com bust starting in 2000 almost immediately followed by the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001. Sure, it was a dark time but our country eventually recovered with the Dow Jones even surpassing the post 9/11 lows.

I’ll be the first to admit that this time around looks pretty bad. The collapse of major financial institutions and unprecedented government spending is a bit worrisome. There’s no reason to believe, however, that this will continue on forever. It has to turn for the better eventually. History has proven this country does recover from recessions (and even a depression).

So what do we do in the meantime? We can more or less call this dowtime so here’s what I suggest:

  • Go to school and learn a new skill, trade or anything that may be in demand after the recession
  • Start that million dollar idea you’ve been dreaming about for some time. Get it ready for the “boom” after the recession
  • Try freelancing. Hey, it’s not so bad here

Basically my point is to keep your head up and look on the bright side of a crappy situation. We’re never going to escape conversations about how bad the economy is, at least not for another year or two. We can definitely change our outlook and take steps so we come out rosy in the end.

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